Sports Therapy in Nottingham

Contact Sherwood Osteopathic clinic offer a full range of osteopathic and functional medicines including sports therapy!

Are you looking for a professional and experienced osteopath and sports therapist in Nottingham? Then look no further than Sherwood osteopathic clinic! Sherwood osteopathic clinic have over forty six years of experience providing functional medicines and sports therapy to the people of Nottingham and the surrounding areas. We provide a complete and thorough range of functional medicines ranging from but not exclusive to osteopathy, acupuncture and sports therapy! We are fully licensed and registered with the general osteopathic council (reg no.1886) and also the healthcare council (reg no. CH 26738).

Sherwood Osteopathic clinic – Who we are:

Sherwood Osteopathic clinic was founded in Nottingham by Graham Broughton who is a registered osteopath with over forty six years’ experience in the industry. Graham had a very clear goal in mind when creating the company; to do the best he could to try and help people suffering with a range of conditions, disabilities or health problems in Nottingham. As a result of this Sherwood Osteopathic clinic became a very generalised practice able to treat a wide range of conditions and injuries with the same level of care and attention as any specialist with in each sector.

Our services – Sports therapy and more!

Many of our clients in Nottingham have asked us in the past what is sports therapy?

Sports therapy is a type of healthcare that is specifically deals with preventing injury or rehabilitate of a patients optimum level of specific fitness. We utilise the principle of sport and exercise to prepare the patient for training or work. Our sports therapists are not just first aiders, More importantly we are first responders who have the relevant training, Knowledge and expertise to provide the immediate care for our patients in Nottingham.

When treating our patients we do a full examination and aim to provide treatment solutions that have the quickest immediate impact to the health or condition of the patient. We achieve this by using a combination of medical and practical experience and a wide variety of specialised tools and equipment.

One of our more recent services we decided to provide the great people of Nottingham is sports therapy!

Sports therapy is a health care service that is concerned with the prevention or treatment of an injury. The primary goal of sports science is to rehabilitate the patient back to peak optimal levels, whether functional or occupational. Sports therapy draws on the combined knowledge of many overlapping of sport related and functional medicines to treat and prepare a patient recovering from injury or in preparation for competition or hobby.

If you have gone through a sports related injury, the steps you need to take to return to activities can advised by our team of expert sports therapists who have the correct knowledge and principles based on science to meet the expectations of the defined patient group. Sports therapists are the most important part of the sports medicine family. Reinforcing the excellent skills also being provided by the other professionals in our organisation in Nottingham.

Our main goal is to improve the well-being of all our patients and to prevent the risk of injury through education and training. If an injure does occur, We will work arduously to resolve the symptoms and cause of your injury as quickly as possible.

All of our sports therapists in Nottingham have undergone extensive training, All of our modern clinics offer a comfortable, calming surroundings with up to date treatment equipment that is top of the line.

Exercising and sports can cause injury, we can treat a wide range of injuries and our treatments are designed to speed up recovery times for sprain all the way to fractures. When dealing with a patient as a sports therapist we tend to focus on the musculo-skeletal side of things. We use sports massages related to the movements used in the sport you play to mobilise joints correctly.

Whether you need a sports or remedial massage, need a rehabilitation program following a minor or serious injury or require 'dry needling' (acupuncture) Sherwood osteopathic clinic can provide the perfect bespoke sports therapy service in Nottingham for you!

At Sherwood osteopathic clinic we also offer a range of other healthcare services besides sports therapy! We provide many osteopathic services such as cranial osteopathy, acupuncture and many more to the people of Nottingham. Osteopaths are experts at physical manipulation, stretching and pulling the joints to resolve or treat issues with the aim of increasing the mobility and flexibility of joints, relieving tension in the muscles or simply helping to body to heal.

So if you are looking for an expert osteopath or sports therapy in Nottingham and the surrounding areas please don't hesitate to contact us!