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At Sherwood Osteopathic Clinic we have been proudly providing osteopathic services and functional medicine solutions to the people of Nottingham for over forty six years now! Given the breadth of experience we have garnered over those many years we'd like to think we know a thing or two about providing our patients with effective functional medicines, and I'm sure our clients would say the same too! But what exactly is functional medicine? I hear you screaming at your computer screen, great question!

Functional Medicine in Nottingham– A complete overview.

Functional medicine attempts to address the root or underlying causes of a disease using a systems orientated approach. We truly believe that this is the best approach for building a successful and therapeutic partnership between patient and practitioner and thus shows the best results on average.

Functional medicine unlike the disease-centred focus of traditional medical solutions takes a more patient-care based approach, viewing the patient in their totality rather than just a set of isolated symptoms.

For example if you were to visit our practice and speak with one of our practitioners about our functional medical services in Nottingham you would quite quickly realise the difference! One of our expert team would sit you down and listen at length about all of the recent experiences you believe may be influencing your condition negatively, as well as considering all of your previous environmental, genetic and lifestyle choices to build an as complete as possible profile of your overall health. Compare this to traditional treatment plans you may find which typically attempt to treat a specific symptom without considering the bigger picture. This in our opinion allows for a more accurate and complete treatment plan.

Why Do We Need Functional Medicine?

Our society is experiencing a drastic uptake in the number of people who suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, mental illness, and autoimmune disorders.

The traditional system of medicine practised by most physicians is geared toward 'acute care', or to put it another way; the diagnosis and treatment of trauma or illness on a short term or urgent scale. This usually entails a quick course of antibiotics or other prescribed medicines or in some cases surgery (which often can be unnecessary!). Think of it as traditional physicians throwing water on a burning bush but ignoring the forest fire blazing in the background.

I hope you can understand why this 'acute care' approach to medicine leaves much to be desired. Functional medicine in contrast adapts a more robust methodology and tools for treating more complex conditions and chronic diseases. As stated earlier functional medicine takes into consideration many factors such as lifestyle, genetic and environmental factors.

Many chronic conditions can be poorly treated by a conventional approach. This is usually due to many doctors treating the symptoms rather than the functional causes of the problem the patient is facing, This something that is usually undiagnosed and more importantly untreated. By getting the correct root cause of the patient’s condition. The resolution could be a change in diet and lifestyle alone.

Some conditions may require a more conventional treatment to complement our functional approach. This is why it is very important to have a practitioner who understands both approaches for a patient that remain on important medication. Our Treatments can work well with autoimmune diseases including joint, thyroid disease and skin problems. We have also had some excellent results treating crohns disease, constipation and chronic fatigue. Our team are happy to see children and we have expert treatments to help with issues like colic and food allergies.

Our team uses functional medicine in Nottingham to find the causes of your illness. We look at the possible biochemical imbalances that could well be contributing to your illness. When practising functional medicine we have found that using cutting edge lab technology is barely used in typical settings. We make sure we uncover the underlying problems that cause our patients in Nottingham to feel the way they do.

Once we have taken steps to find the correct diagnosis. We can then make a treatment programme that caters to your own specific needs and unique physiology. This works very well for patients suffering from chronic illnesses. It also works well for those patients who are just looking to improve their health in general.

We always make sure to find out what the antecedents and mediators are that are causing the problems our functional medicine patients are experiencing in Nottingham. Patients do not realise that in most instances unrelated symptoms. For instance digestive issues and thyroid problems are usually connected. Fatigue and pains in a patients joins seem unrelated but with our functional medicine we piece together to demonstrate how all of these symptoms can be elevated if we take an integrated approach.

While practising functional medicine we make sure to emphasis that chronic disease is almost always ahead of declining function in the bodies physiological organising systems. When a patient returns to health it requires reversing the specific areas of the diseased state. Functional medicine practitioners focus on restoring the balance to a patients dysfunctional system by strengthening the fundamental processes that underlie them. When taking this approach we focus on restoring health rather than simply controlling symptoms.